General Introduction

The AIMS-MasterCard Foundation Mathematics Teacher Training Program (TTP) in Cameroon is a 5 year pilot program that seeks to train in-service and pre-service teachers. The project is aimed at enhancing the skills and expertise of Mathematics teachers to help them use interactive teaching methodologies to improve the participation and performance in Mathematics of boys and girls in secondary schools. 

Accordingly, the program seeks to increase the pipeline of students for entry into STEM disciplines at the tertiary level. By increasing the number of qualified mathematics teachers and equipping students with sound mathematical skills, the program hopes to demystify and popularize mathematics and demonstrate the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life.

Training of teachers will be achieved through a cascade model. Mathematics lecturers in the Higher Teacher Training Colleges (HTTC), the Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC), and all Pedagogic Inspectors will be trained as Master Trainers, and they will in turn train in-service and pre-service teachers.

The training content and approach will be incorporated into the HTTC program of the pre-service teachers and they will be assessed and evaluated by Pedagogic Inspectors during their practical training or internship.

Training approaches and techniques will be participatory, interactive and engaging, with trainers using a variety of strategies (group work, brainstorming, video projections, modelling etc.) to engage Trainees. Mathematics teachers will be expected to use the same interactive teaching methods to make classroom lessons more participatory, interesting, engaging and relevant to local experiences of the learners.

To ensure quality training for all Mathematics teachers, the TTP has developed a Training Curriculum, a Trainer’s Manual for Expert Trainers and Master Trainers, and a Teacher’s Guide and platform for developing resources for classroom use.

Objectives of the Teacher Training Program (TTP)

The TTP seeks to:

  • Enhance the pedagogical expertise of all Mathematics Lecturers in the HTTC, Pedagogic Inspectors and  secondary school teachers;
  • Develop the expertise of a pedagogical team to enable them to provide continuous professional training to in-service and pre-service teachers;
  • Equip teachers with new skills and teaching methodologies;
  • Produce tools and resources for Mathematics teachers (such as an online learning platform and a teacher’s exchanges).

Master Trainers will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of new teaching methodologies;
  • Identify and demonstrate a good understanding of  the Mathematics content;
  • Participate in and engage in sensitisation campaigns to popularise Mathematics.

Teachers will:

  • Use interactive and participatory methodologies in their lesson preparation and delivery;
  • Ensure that lesson preparation and delivery are relevant to the lives of the students;
  • Attract and engage boys and girls to Mathematics using innovative approaches.